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LEADMACHINE | May 10 ,2022

How To Attract Leads. Here What Experts Are Saying

The pro’s have the inside scoop when it comes to lead generation. Let’s look at some strategies that work well for enticing leads.
LEADMACHINE | May 1 ,2022

Using Avatars For Lead Generation

When using avatars to solicit leads, create plausible buyer personas with relevant backgrounds and interests; and then revisit them frequently thereafter (every quarter at a minimum) so as to ensure your message...
LEADMACHINE | April 25 ,2022

How To Handle Cold Email Campaigns

Let’s look at some best practices for email campaigns targeted at cold leads. Not all email is created equal.
LEADMACHINE | April 14 ,2022

The Importance Of Lead Nurturing After Initial Contact

Lead nurturing is as crucial as the initial enticement; as RETAINING leads is as important as LURING them. After all, one can snag a billion leads; but that means nothing if one...